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Tallgrass RestorationWelcome to Tallgrass Restoration®

Tallgrass Restoration, LLC ® has served the Midwest for over a decade. Our licensed professionals have the experience, qualifications and passion to restore the vegetation on your property to an unmatched state of beauty and ecological health. Our extensive knowledge of native restoration, plants, prescribed burns and more help us in assisting you.

Our cost-effective projects begin with a free on-site consultation and continue with ongoing stewardship. We are committed to creating a relationship with our clients, which allows for the establishment of sustainable landscapes.  Whether you need prairie restoration, invasive plant control, prescribed burning or native plant installation, we are here for you.

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We offer a variety of customized services that will help restore the health and beauty of your property. In addtion to native restoration, we specialize in the following services:


Native Plant Installation: Native plants offer several benefits for your land. Due to the fact they have evolved to live in the climate, they require minimal care. Native plants are already accustomed to the amount of rainfall, soil type, area pests, and wildlife, which means that you will save on water, pesticides, and maintenance. Let our project managers choose the best plants for your property that will improve your property’s overall health. We offer live plant installation as well as seeding.

Stewardship/Maintenance: Oftentimes landowners struggle to keep their native plants thriving because non-native plants begin to takeover. Buckthorn, thistle, loosestrife, and teasel are all non-native plants that landowners constantly battle.  Routine ecological maintenance is essential to prevent these invasive plants from crowding out the native species. We start our land restoration process by removing all of the non-native invaders through a combination of controlled burning, herbicide application, and mowing. With the help of our ongoing stewardship, we can help keep your native plants healthy and thriving.

Prescribed Burns:  In our culture, we have a tendency to suppress fires which gives weeds and non-native plants the ability to take over the native grasses and reduce plant and animal diversity. Fire is one of the most effective invasive plant management tools available. Spring and fall are the primary seasons for burning. We will create a detailed burning plan for your land and then safely execute it. Controlled burns will help reduce invasive plants, restore grass with necessary nutrients to the soil, and reduce the risk of uncontrolled fires in the future.

Erosion Management: Soil run-off as a result of erosion can be a troublesome and dangerous problem. Buildings, roads, or over-crowded trees can change the natural water flow and plant growth of a bluff, hillside or ravine. Several things may seem like good solutions for soil run-off prevention, but nothing is more effective than erosion control plants to stabilize the soil. As one of the top erosion control companies, we will help you choose the best plants for your land to increase diversity and soil stabilization and to absorb chemical run-off.

Invasive Species Control and Management: Invasive species can pose a serious threat against the health of your land. Buckthorn and thistle are two of the most common species we deal with here at Tallgrass Restoration. These weeds can overcrowd and over-shade, preventing other native plants from growing. Let us help you reclaim your land from the grip of these invasive species.

Wetland Delineations: Contact us to find out more today.

Rain Garden Design & Build: These are a beautiful way of managing your rainwater. Our experts will suggest native plants for your landscaping that have strong roots designed to soak up excess water and prevent flooding. You do not have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal in order to have a functioning rain garden. With our years of expertise, we are able to provide you with both!

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