Native wetland plants can be used to effectively correct and maintain shoreline deterioration.

US Natural Resources Conservation Service

Shoreline Erosion

Ravine Landscape Deterioration Management

Urban Sprawl and Dense Shade Invite Landslides. Use Soil Stabilization Products.

Naturalized Detention Basin - Stabilization Products

Ravines, bluffs, hillsides, and other types of slopes can provide some of our region’s most exquisite landscapes. However, these habitats are subject to soil erosion when buildings, roads, or the dense shade of crowded trees disturb the native plant community and alters the natural water flow. Whether gradual or sudden, soil run-off can be a distressing, if not dangerous, problem.

Soil Stabilization & Slope Erosion Control Products

Do Not Let Your Shoreline Soil Slip Away! We Provide Natural Stabilization for Ponds & Streams.

Even gentle waves lapping at the banks of your pond or stream can erode the shoreline soil, silt up the water and carry away your land. Riprap stone or turf grass products may seem like a good erosion solution, but water will actually undercut these types of barriers, making them ineffective. Stone and non-native grasses also cannot prevent chemical run-off from polluting the water and causing unsightly algal blooms. Fortunately, several plant species naturally stabilize the soil and help control erosion. 

Our Restoration and Maintenance Plan.

As one of the top erosion control companies, we provide soil stabilization to restore the integrity and beauty of your shoreline soil by establishing a stable, diverse community of native plants. Their deep, fibrous roots can resist erosion, prevent wearing, absorb chemical run-off and provide soil stabilization to graded slopes. After nurturing the young native plants for the first few critical years, we provide ongoing care, reducing the long-term cost to well below that of combating continued run-off.

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 Before / After Shoreline Soil Run-Off

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