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Invasive Plant Control: Removal and Management

Maintain Control Over Your Natural Ecosystem

Invasive, non-native plants are a serious threat to native species, communities, and ecosystems in many areas in the Midwest. Invasive species can compete with and displace native plants and animals.  They can alter ecosystems' functions, structures, and cycles.  In addition, they could promote other undesirable plant growth. The good news is that a lot of plant invasions can be stopped and reversed with invasive species control or invasive plant control. Even badly infested areas can be restored to healthy systems dominated with native species. This requires taking action to regulate and manage the plants with invasive plant control.

Whether it is buckthorn, reed canary grass, thistle, or other plants, Tallgrass provides a complete restoration and maintenance plan to reduce the population and promote invasive species control and invasive plant control. Using a wide array of tools and specialized machinery, we have successfully removed invasive species from numerous sensitive areas. In addition to prescribed fire, Tallgrass uses ecological mowing, custom herbicide applications as well as chainsaws and heavy machinery to tackle the job. Once the initial weed removal has been completed, ongoing stewardship visits from field ecologists ensure the establishment and success of the native species.

Reclaim Your Land's Natural Beauty...

Keep Invasive Plants From Driving Out Diverse Species and Native Characteristics

Buckthorn is one of the most invasive non-native species in our local prairies, woodlands, and yards. It grows quickly, spreads profusely, easily re-sprouts, and keeps re-invading. Although buckthorn may provide good screening in garden settings, it shades and crowds out native species creating a dense, dull monoculture with barren, erosive soil beneath.

To reclaim your land from buckthorn’s grip, we apply a multi-pronged, long-term approach: shrub and tree removal, repeated and targeted herbicide applications, native plant installation, and continued monitoring to maintain control. Removing a dense stand may leave your land looking bare until the native plants fill in, but the benefits of restoration are well worth the wait.

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