When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.

Aldo Leopold

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We Provide Consulting Services for Your Natural Area

Knowledge is the Foundation of Good Management

In order to optimize the land restoration work on your property you need to understand your natural assets. Our professional ecologists have the training and experience to identify the flora and fauna on your property that allows us to develop a complete picture of the natural community. We can evaluate the quality of your property, characterize the habitat types, note any species of particular interest, track the performance of management and suggest innovative land restoration planning and techniques.

Planning Allows us to Achieve Restoration Goals

Developing a natural area management plan helps create a clear vision for a restoration project. Our understanding of the complex interactions in nature allows us to tailor a site specific plan which will guide the wise management of natural areas. We take into account issues such as erosion and invasive species in the planning development for the road to recovery and enhancement of your natural area, protecting assets such as water quality and rare species. In wetlands we can provide assessments, delineations and permitting services which are necessary in order to manage and protect these critical habitats.

Landscape Planning

  • Vegetative Assessments
  • Restoration Land Management Services
  • Native Landscape Design
  • Project Management

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