Native plants provide a beautiful, hardy, drought resistant, low maintenance landscape while benefiting the environment.

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We Establish and Nurture Native Plant Installation

The Time Has Come to Grow Native

Whether you have a weedy plot of land, a high-maintenance expanse of turf grass, eroding banks, or a cleared site ready for planting, a native plant installation is a wise choice. The beauty, diversity, and natural erosion control provided by native plant installation make them well worth the investment.

Little bluestem and blazing star…dogwood and wild geranium… bullrush and blue flag iris. We can recommend a balanced and appropriate selection of native plants for your site. Live plants, supplemented by seeding, yield earlier blooms. A less costly approach is seeding alone, which lets you enjoy watching the plants take root, mature, and then bloom within one to three years. Ongoing stewardship is necessary to guarantee a successful end product.

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