In the wilderness is the preservation of the world.

Henry David Thoreau

Rain Garden Design

Rain Garden Design: Created for Stabilization and Filtration

A simple solution to a complex soil problem.

Rain gardens can have a huge positive impact upon the health of your watershed, and they are easy to install.
Simply stated, a detention basin design, or a rain garden design is a shallow depression filled with native plants where you can direct rain water. The deep roots of the native plants help the water soak into the lime soil instead of spreading across the surface and flooding out your yard. When compared to turf grass, these pollutant filtering systems can help 30-40% more rainwater drain into the soil.

Rain gardens, native plant beds, prairies, and savannas provide for a beautiful, hardy, and drought-tolerant landscape. Whether your concerns are to reduce site maintenance and storm water runoff or to simply attract more birds and butterflies to your garden, the choice of including native plants in your construction makes for a wise investment in your landscape and nature.

What are Rain Gardens?

A rain garden design is a garden which is designed to be able to withstand extreme amounts of nutrients and moisture. Rain Gardens are built to collect stormwater runoff and filter it through the ground which will prevent the stormwater from polluting the rivers or contributing to floods. Rain gardens are typically located close to the source of stormwater runoff to help slow down stormwater as it travels downhill. This helps to prevent erosion that can be caused by too much rainwater.

Rain Garden Soil | Detention Basin Construction

Let our team of experts create and integrate a natural filtration system into your landscape.

Our rain garden service team has the expertise to design and install a rain garden that will stay beautiful throughout the year. Our rain garden construction is top of the line. We can create a native rain garden design that subtly integrates into your landscape.  It will perfectly blend with your existing site while serving all of the practical needs of water filtration and infiltration.  A strategically planned garden will look so beautiful, no one will need know how necessary and functional it is.

The Benefits of Creating Naturalized Stormwater Detention Basins

The difference between a man-made stormwater retention basin and a naturalized basin designed by Tallgrass is extraordinary.  Our construction takes nature's lead in creating a garden-like environment to catch, drain, and filter excess runoff.

A conventional man-made stormwater detention basin consists of a shallow water basin lined with riprap and surrounded by side slopes covered with turf grass. Although conventional basins provide rain water storage, they do very little to treat the polluted storm water runoff as it drains to the receiving stream. This result of this construction is in an increase in nonpoint source pollution downstream. Storm rain water runoff from human populated areas contains a variety of pollutants including sediments, organic matter, heavy metals, bacteria, and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous.  These elements stay with the water as it drains away.

A naturalized detention basin can be an attractive landscaped basin containing a garden filled with a variety of native plants including trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. Native plants encourage infiltration resulting in recharged groundwater and reduced surface water discharge. Naturalized detention basins use native plants to provide a shoreline garden and side-slope stabilization. Not only do native wetland and prairie plants provide more reliable lime soil stabilization than riprap and turf grass, but they also provide additional environmental benefits such as improved water quality, creation of wildlife habitat, and year round beauty.

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