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These are just a few examples of Tallgrass Restoration's ® AWARD WINNING work


2012 U.S. EPA and Chicago Wilderness Conservation and Native Landscaping Award
Heatherwood Estates Homeowners Association in Schaumburg, IL
Tallgrass has worked with this HOA and the Village of Schaumburg since 2008 to convert their turf & rip-rap lined pond into a diverse native shoreline that has become a home to several different reptile, amphibian and bird species. The homeowners have been dedicated to their natural shoreline, and each year they look to improve the habitat quality. Over the years they have even elected to install dead trees in the water to provide perches for turtles and waterfowl, and habitat for fish. We are very happy for Heatherwood Estates and are honoured to still be providing them with continued environmental services.

2010 U.S. EPA and Chicago Wilderness Conservation and Native Landscaping Award
Tallgrass began working with Mettawa Openland Association's Whippoorwill Farm in 2006. We worked closely with them restoring the site according to the management plan (including, but not limited to, prescribed burns, sowing native seed, removal of invasive species, spot herbiciding and selective mowing.) Whippoorwill Farm was recognized for the transformation of its "buckthorn thicket into a living laboratory to find the most effective way to reclaim the land from this pervasive invasive tree".

2010 U.S. EPA and Chicago Wilderness Conservation and Native Landscaping Award
2010 was Tallgrass' second year working at the Estates of Inverness Ridge Homeowners Association in Inverness, Illinois. A group of homeowners took part in a buy-in seeding program where seed was purchased by private homeowneers and installed into the HOA's conservancy areas utilizing Tallgrass' no-till drill seeder. The intent of the seeding was to enhance the appearance of natural areas in individuals' back yards, cummulatively that of the Association. During the growing season, Tallgrass made a number of visits to control invasive species with the main targets being sweet clover and Canada thistle. The Estates was recognized for the preservation of 80 acres of wetlands, prairie, and woodland which make up half of the total development acreage. A particular note was "the 50-foot-wide corridor along the length of the Poplar Creek and its tributary, which serve to enhance biodiversity and protect water quality in their community".  In 2011 a similar buy-in program for native plugs is planned.

2010 U.S. EPA and Chicago Wilderness Conservation and Native Landscaping Award 
Tallgrass has been working at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois since 2007 where we installed a native buffer around the complex' central entryway pond and enhanced many of the other lagoons. Since then, Tallgrass has also been working to remove the dense population of cattails and encourage a diverse, native shoreline and helps to maintain the native bioswales that the complex has located throughout their main parking areas. The construction of 7.5 acres of ponds, wetlands, and prairie surrounding the hotel and convention center was recognized due to the sheer volume of detention drainage provided onsite. The Environmental Protection Agency and Chicago Wilderness felt that "the use of native plantings to help clean storm water and trap nutrients was extremely important to the environment".

2009 U.S. EPA and Chicago Wilderness Conservation and Native Landscaping Certificate of Merit
Tallgrass Restoration, LLC® moved headquarters from Glenview, Illinois to a Schaumburg, Illinois in 2006. Situated in a typical industrial park, replacing the bland, high maintenance yard was one of the first improvements that were made to the property. The prairie has since become very well established and supports a wide variety of plant and animal diversity. Its purpose is to show clients and neighbors the values of an urban prairie; esthetically pleasing, an invitation for birds and butterflies, and that once established, takes very little work to maintain. 

2009 U.S. EPA and Chicago Wilderness Conservation and Native Landscaping Award
Prairie Village, under the company Fairhaven Retirement Community is a retirement community of duplex houses located north of the city of Whitewater, Wisconsin. This retirement community surrounds residents with natural beauty. Prairie Village sits on roughly 56 total acres with about 13 of those acres consisting of natural areas of prairie, wetland, woodland, and ponds. During initial construction, great care was taken to preserve the majestic bur oaks growing along the Whitewater Creek. As the prairie becomes more and more established, there is less maintenance that needs to be done to keep invasive species at bay.

2008 U.S. EPA & Chicago Wilderness Conservation and Native Landscaping Award
The Town of Linn Community Nature Park is located just southwest of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It is a 160-acre park that includes prairies, wetlands, and oak savannas which provide excellent habitat for wildlife, including the threatened Henslow’s sparrow. The park provides opportunities for hiking, horse backing riding, and nature studies. The Town of Linn’s community nature park is protected by a conservation easement held by the Geneva Lakes Conservancy. There are many partners working together to create a high quality grassland community for this park's inhabitants. 

2007 U.S. EPA and Chicago Wilderness Conservation and Native Landscaping Award
Valley Lakes Community Association in Round Lake, Illinois is a conservation design community which manages 21 stormwater detention basins and 273 acres of wetlands, all interconnected and providing a stormwater management system. Tallgrass has been Valley Lakes’ ecological contractor since 2006 and has retrofitted nine ponds from turf grass to naturalized detention basins. They have restored 36 acres of wetlands through the Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program and a partnership with the Lake County Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The residents at Valley Lakes are committed to becoming a premier conservation design subdivision, and Tallgrass enjoys the relationship we have with the community association and its property management company, Summit Management Specialists.

2006 First Annual Lake County Stormwater Management Commission-Development of the Year Award
Deerpath Farm Conservation Development shows exemplary use of Best Management Practices (BMP) in site design or site improvements. It uses a suite of BMPs that exceed the requirements of the Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance. Deerpath Farm is a conservation design community that contains 140 acres of permanently protected natural areas including oak savanna, prairie, and wetlands. These features tie into the most effective combination of stormwater management practices with open space to replicate and embellish the natural drainage system. Located in Mettawa, Illinois, this development is part of one of the largest expanses of protected land in Lake County and is continuously managed for ecological sustainability.

2006 U.S. EPA and Chicago Wilderness Conservation and Native Landscaping Certificate of Merit
The Sanctuary of Lake Bluff Homeowners Association in Illinois was recognized for its outstanding efforts to use native plants in the landscape and use conservation design practices within the Chicago Wilderness region. In partnership with the Lake Bluff Open Lands Association and Tallgrass, the homeowners released Galerucella beetles to help control the purple loosestrife in their wetlands.

2005 Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA)-Excellence in Landscaping Gold Award
Tallgrass Restoration® received this award for increasing public awareness to the industry in environmental protection and encouraging greater awareness of environmental enhancements. Tallgrass installed two acres of native seed and approximately 7,000 native plant plugs throughout the lagoons of Chicago’s Washington Park as part of a shoreline restoration project.

2004 U.S. EPA and Chicago Wilderness Conservation and Native Landscaping Award
Gallery Park, located in Glenview, Illinois received this award for its exceptional efforts to use native plants in the landscape as well as conservation development practices in the Chicago Wilderness Region. The park is a 140 acre preserve located on the site of the former Glenview Naval Air Station. Tallgrass restored and stabilized shoreline around Lake Glenview as part of The Glen Redevelopment Project. The project included items such as coir log installation, grading, native seeding, erosion control blanket, native plug installation, and ongoing stewardship and maintenance.

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