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Bridge Building

Enhance the beauty and accessibility of your property with the addition of a bridge over a creek, wetland or ditch. Walkers, horseback riders and bicyclists will appreciate the opportunity to eailily cross what otherwise might be impassable terrain.

We can construct a bridge to meet your needs. The bridge pictured here is one of several available designs. The bridge has a 35' span and can accomodate foot, bicycle, horse and limited vehicle traffic. It is 8' wide, has a 54" high railing and can support a 10,000 pound load. Low impact, portable footings prevent damage to sensitive wetland areas.

Tallgrass Restoration® can help with all phases of the bridge installation process including design, permitting, construction and site restoration.

Bridge Building

Purple Loosestrife Beetles

Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) is an invasive perennial which grows along the edges of river, lakes, dams, bogs, swamps, streams and other wet sites. One method of controlling this weed is with the use of Purple Loosestrife Beetles (Galerucella pusilla and Galerucella calmariensis). These are leaf eating beetles which affect the growth and seed production of purple loosestrife plants. These has been found to be a very effective resource for controlling purple loosestrife plants without the use of chemicals.



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